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A simple mistake can ruin your life – Louis Koory from Mission Law Center can help prevent that from happening!

Have you been arrested for a misdemeanor like shoplifting, speeding, vandalism, or public intoxication? While these are relatively ‘less severe crimes’, a conviction can result in jail time, a fine, loss of a job, or the beginning of a criminal record. You need Louis Koory, a San Luis Obispo misdemeanor attorney, on your side.

A Misdemeanor Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Charges

If you’re wondering if you should hire an attorney to fight your misdemeanor charges, don’t hesitate call now. Misdemeanors can be a Class A, which is the most serious charge or you may be dealing with a simple infraction, the least serious. Do you know how these affect you?

Louis Koory can help you understand what type of misdemeanor charges you’re facing and provide you the aggressive representation you need to get the best possible outcome.

An Experienced Criminal Attorney Fighting For San Luis Obispo Residents

With over 20 years experience and a success record to match, Louis Koory’s been helping people just like you get the justice they deserve. Being a truly local criminal defense attorney in San Luis Obispo, Louis Koory understands the local judicial system, its judges and lawyers, which can work favorably in getting you the best possible outcome.

You don’t pay unless Mission Law Center wins your misdemeanor case.

You want aggressive legal representation at a price you can afford. That’s why Louis works on a contingent-fee basis and only gets paid if he wins your case.

If you’re facing misdemeanor charges, don’t think twice about hiring a lawyer who understands what you’re dealing with. Louis Koory will work with you personally, making sure you get the one-on-one service you deserve, and need.

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