Drug Offenses

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Have you been charged with possession? Need a drug possession attorney to help you with your case? If you’re afraid of what can happen next, criminal defense attorney of San Luis Obispo, Louis Koory can help. He’ll personally handle your case from the beginning and because he’s truly local, you get a lawyer who understands the local judicial system – giving you an advantage for a better outcome.

California Drug Law Cases

Based on the drug laws in California, the range of penalties for drug possession can vary significantly. That’s why you need a drug possession lawyer who can sit down with you and figure out what you’re up against.

Your drug case can be minor and may result in no jail time with a fine. For more serious drug charges like drug possession for sale and drug sales, these drug cases are filed as felonies and can lead to state prison sentences. Fortunately, you have options and we can help you.

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If you’ve been charged with a serious drug offense and you’re afraid of the consequences, we’re here for you. With over 20 years experience and a successful track record to match, you can trust drug possession attorney Louis Koory to help you and your family navigate these tricky times.

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